Face to Face Befriending

At Unite Carers we understand that caring for a loved-one can be physically and mentally demanding and can leave unpaid carers feeling alone and isolated.

Our free Befriending Service matches you with a like-minded volunteer Befriender who you can meet with on a regular basis, for a cup of tea and a chat in a local café perhaps, plan an activity or outing together, or visit you in your home if you are unable to get away.

Telephone Friendship

We also offer a free telephone friendship service so you can enjoy chatting with someone over the phone, all from the comfort of your own home.  Whether you’d like to speak to someone once a week, once a month, or just want to talk when the need strikes.

What happens when I request a 1:1 Befriender?

Prior to the befriending match, there is a conversation with the carer, more formally known as “The Carer’s Assessment”, to find out what your needs and wants are from the befriending relationship, the type of person you would like as your befriender, how often you would like to meet and where, your interests and hobbies etc.

If meetings are expected to take place in your home, a home visit is carried out prior to your first get-together.  A review is then carried out after 3 months to make sure that both parties are happy, although contact is encouraged at any point should a problem arise.  Both our carers and befrienders know that any problems will be handled tactfully, discretely and with care.

If you are an unpaid carer of any age and would like friendship and support from one of our amazing team of volunteer Befrienders, please get in touch with us – We’re here to help.

Call 01884 257 511 or email tracy@unitemd.org.uk